Dr. Rafya Tahir


Dr. Sadia Farooq

Email: gchomeeconomics@gmail.com


All students, both resident and non-resident, will be examined by Medical Officer of the College at least once a year. In case of any disease or infirmity, the attention of the parents will be drawn and their co-operation sought in the matter. Any student, suffering from or in contact with an infectious disease, must inform the college authorities and remain away from the College till the period of infection is over at the end of which she will be required to submit a medical certificate to the effect that she is free from infection. A Qualified is available on the premises during college hours.


College of Home Economics, Lahore has a well stocked library which facilitates the learning process. At present it has more than 22000 books comprising various titles related to the field of home economics. The library is annually updated and upgraded


The hostel is open to all students on the rolls of the College, subject to the availability of accommodation. Preference will be given to those, whose parents do not reside in Lahore. Students who wish to stay in the hostel are required to submit an application in triplicate on prescribed hostel admission forms available from the College office. It should be submitted alongwith the admission form.